Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank you~

To all of our wonderful parents who helped us raise money for Aaron. In total We raised $123.20!!! I am so grateful to be a part of this and my heart is filled with joy to think that parents and their 4 year old children would help us this way!!! It looks like Aaron is gettting close to his target, and we want to help with all that we can!

We had a blast celebrating the boys birthdays this year and seeing the growth in character in both of them. We have decided to extend our charity work beyond birthdays and go forth with the art show. It will be here at our house on may 31st. this will be our first attempt at something like this, so pray for us!

The kids loved coming over to celebrate with Sawyer. We made pizza faces to eat and had toadstool cupcakes in honor of Super Mario Bros. This was a great weekend, we couldn't have ask for a better one!



  1. Wow....sounds like a great birthday. So instead of gifts, friends were asked to donate $ for a good cause? We have my daughter's 5th birthday in a month and I'm trying to figure out what we're going to do!

  2. Congratulations! The cupcakes and pizzas look so yummy.

  3. Those cupcakes look too pretty to eat! Awesome photos

  4. Thanks Liz and all who contributed to Aaron's dog--you have touched our lives. Liz, I had Aaron paint a canvas for your art show--I just need your address. E-mail me at danica.chollar@gmail.com so I know where to send it. Thanks again!