Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sawyers Birthday~

Today We celebrated with Sawyers Pre-school, his forth birthday. Saturday is his birthday and although it would have been the PERFECT day for a birthday fiesta, we decided to keep things simple this year. Tommorrow his friends will arrive for a play date and make your own pizza party. We have asked in exchange for presents that his friends bring a small donation to help Aaron with his watchdog. We really wanted to express to our chinldren the importance of giving rather than recieving. Me and James bought both boys the presents we knew they wanted and so they still had soem goodies to open on their day. With openign our childrens eyes and hearts at an early age we hope to give them hearts focused on service. This world has become such a consumption society and we feel that this a great way to get the kids togehter for something special. My older son Jackson, chose the luekemia and lymphoma society for his charity. after doing pennies for patients at school he wanted to know more about Luekemia so together as a family we read Sadako and the thousand paper cranes to let him better understand the impact of luekemia. April is so pecial to us. Not only does Easter usually fall in April but both boys were born in April and it is autism awareness month. Our hearts are always full during this time of year. This is the perfect way to spread some love and gratitude.

Hopefully if things pan out right, we can reach the kids goals. We are also going to host a kids art show here at the house to help raise a bit more money and awareness.

thanks for peeking!


  1. Great idea for his birthday! Hope his day is great.

  2. you are so great liz! thank you again. i am so thankful for you!