Thursday, August 16, 2007

Defying Gravity*~

Beign the total dork that I am... i was trying to find a audio link for my blog and came across the wicked video clip of Defying gravity. jackson came up behind me and started to sing, it was so cute I cried a little! the things that make you happy, being seranaded by your five year old son!

One fo those random things that chokes me up. how about you guys, anyhting like that happen to you all?

oh and any good audio clip sites? i guess I should try and fix the audio on my computer first!



  1. I love your son's name!!! Jackson...that's just too cool! I had wanted to name Drew, Jackson but I couldn't talk my husband into it!

  2. I love that name Jackson too. I considered naming Jordan Jack, but didn't want to risk the teasing in school.... after all those years of being called bossy joscie... I was really sensitive to the teasability factor of the names. also I don't know that song Defying Gravity?

    this morning jalen had cheerios for breakfast... shaped the last few into a smiley face and called me over to see. I think I will post the picture and story on my blog.

  3. Joscie, how cute can't wait to see them! Defying gravity is from the musical "wicked". I LOVE the score to it!

  4. FYI - I think I've completed my tagging task! :)

    Hope you are having a scraptacular day! :)

  5. Hi there Liz, I was looking at the post on CKMB, listing the bloggers and I was wondering where on earth do I start looking. I mean with life being so hectic there is only so much time to 'blog' and there is over 100 blog sites mentioned that I could potentially visit. Then I remembered I'd just left a comment on one of your pages in the gallery.... so your blog was 'it'. So I am officially saying HELLO!!! from Cape Town, SA. Nice to meet you!!

    I loved your post about your little son....they have the ability to squeeze the heart with out even trying....I put it down to each one of then having a bit of heaven inside them.

    Anyhow you have yourself a super day. Hopefully I will be able to pop in and say hi again real soon.