Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ScanNCut Blog now LIVE!

It is still surreal to think that my work has taken me to this place that I get to work with a client like Brother International (tm). I am not an employee of theirs, I own my own business in which I work with different companies in marketing and product development as that is my background, but never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would be working with a company that has been such a legacy of products in my own family.

As I always mention in my contract posts, I am a paid consultant for Brother International and although I am paid, My opinions are my own and I am never prompted to jeopardize my integrity by bearing false information. All information that I share is my own and of my own opinion.

Now with all of that said... I just wanted to take a moment and share that the Brother Blog is now LIVE! This will be a great inspirational point for those of you looking for blog projects from the designers that helped with the launch as well as some Brother posts as well.

I could not be prouder that my sweet little girl is on the header of the blog right now.... Here is a screen shot of how she looks. You can't notice this but she is hiding a bright orange cast on her left hand :)

She had so much fun on site during our photo shoot together. And she is just beautiful on camera (I'm sorry, I just love her so much ♥)

In addition to this picture and projects you will find more information as well as links to the Brother Crafter social media sites... I highly recommend you check these out.

Thanks for stopping by today and make sure to check out the Brother blog and site for the most up to date information. Also if you have any questions you can ask me, or you can post them on facebook... Facebook is the fastest way to get a response.


~Liz ♥

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