Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be YOU-Nique...

I have been using this phrase for some time in my classes, the idea of being unique, not to be different... but to be the YOU that you are meant to be. Taking a hint from our last prompt I decided to continue on with a little prompt about being different.

April is Autism Awareness Month and as most of you know, our middle son was diagnosed with PDD NOS when he was two. On Thursday, he will be celebrating his 8th birthday and by the grace of God he is an amazing well rounded little boy. He still has his quirks and his emotions get the best of him, but he is perfect just the way he is.

Part of my sons quirks is his ability to express himself, He has a tough time calming himself down sometimes and can't always find the words to say what it is that is in his heart.

If this is the worst of it, than I will take it. I will be grateful for who he is, and what he is to become. We take things day by day and work the best that we can towards helping him learn, knowing that his purpose in this world is just as important than that of our other children.

So this got me thinking... even with our sons quirks, he still has an amazing purpose in this world. I know this, I can feel it as his mother and his advocate. As a parent with all 3 of our kids... each of their purposes are special to this world and are so equally important.

What if we looked at the things that were maybe not so perfect about ourselves and didn't see them as such a burden, but yet looked them straight in the eyes and made them a part of our journey. Whether they can be overcame or not, what if we included them in with our gifts, used each piece of us towards making something beautiful?

I think we all have those moments in our past that we are not proud of, those things that as we grow wiser and look back, realize just how different we are now. Different doesn't have to be bad... in most cases it is good. It makes us YOU-Nique...

So for todays prompt:

  • choose something about yourself that is less than perfect.
  • think about your feelings in regards to this.
  • write them down.
  • write down what you have learned about yourself through this imperfection. Is it even worth titling an "imperfection"?
  • Is there anything that you have learned through this that you could take with you towards achieving your goals in life or fulfilling your purpose. Write it down
  • If not, no worries... it might take some time or it may be just a tough subject for now. Use this page as a reminder to yourself in the future that at one point you felt this was important for you to record. Maybe time will help, provide clarity or even healing.

There is no craft/art prompt associated with this prompt and I hope this is ok. This prompt is mostly for inspiration in hopes that this will encourage  you to not define yourself by your imperfections yet to work beyond them and realize that as a whole... you are worthy of more than just a label.

If we had accepted our sons label, he would not be speaking. We would never have heard the beautiful sound of his voice telling us he loved us. If we had not pursued aggressive therapy and had just accepted him for what he was then we would not know that our son loves turtles, wants to be a veterinarian and wants to marry the little girl next door and have 25 kids (Sorry Joe and Sarah ☺). We would never know his hopes and dreams...

Labels are not something we can always easily drop. Our son will most likely always be on the Autism spectrum, but having this label does NOT define his purpose, nor his future. It is what you make of it.
I am not trying to make light of struggles or insecurities, so please don't think that one bit. We all have struggles, issues, pains and we carry them with us each and every day. But we can either be defined by our struggles, or define our struggles. We can either allow them to define us... or tell them how they are going to work for the good of our life. It is not always an easy road, but it is our road to travel, our decision to make and that is a very special and unappreciated gift... the gift of choice.

Here is our boy after he decided to help his sister with her run. She was discouraged and he pepped her up and together they ran two more laps and decided running club was awesome.

Here is our boy at tonight's 1st and 2nd grade performance. He played goat #3 and was amazing. He was the most articulate and well spoken goat I ever heard. He also was extremely proud of himself, for a very good reason... he was awesome :)
I try and write a yearly post with an update on our son, as well as bring light to autism awareness... This year school has got the best of me, so my plans have had to change, but I have to say... this post came together this week and I am glad I waited so that I could share this last pic of our son.

I hope this prompt tugs at your heart. Remember please that we are all YOU-Nique... we are ALL so very special and so very different. When you are doing your writings, do not be ashamed... shame is a horrible feeling that we bring upon ourselves and it is not fair. You are worth more than that...

Thanks again for joining me along this fun ride... I have enjoyed each and every post, comment, email, text or message... you girls are amazing (men too!). Thanks for all you do.

~Liz ♥


  1. i had missed your prompts...and i have missed your prompts!!
    i can't wait to start.

    and you my dear are a very lucky mom to have been chosen to be his mom!!!

    1. I am... he is truly amazing and although in the beginning it was tough, I now know that this was not only his purpose but also mine. Being his mom has changed me for the better.

  2. As a Mom you must advocate for your children but when you are a Mom of an exceptional child your job is become exponentially harder. In the last 2 years I have had the privilege of teaching 2 16 yr. olds in my class that were diagnosed at an early age with Asperger's syndrome. I would have never known until they both proudly announced the fact to me. When I asked them about their trials & life they both told me that it was their parents that made the difference. I felt so blessed to have encountered these incredible young is now graduating from HS and heading to a community college the other will be a senior and is extremely proud of the fact that his hair is now long enough to wear in a pony tail ;)

  3. blog hopping along here! love your blog

  4. I found this post through your info on the blog hop. My two nephews both suffer from autism and I have seen firsthand what a challenge it can be (as well as a blessing) for the whole family. You have my love and support!