Friday, March 16, 2012

The Real Me... PAJWLH

 So here we are in March, already half way through. This month, this year just creeps up on me. Not sure if you all feel the same way, but it is flying by, almost a third of quarter of the way done. SHEESH!

We missed last weeks prompt due to my mid terms and our family getting sick, but I wanted to go ahead and get the ball rolling for next week. For this weeks prompt we are going to work on the cover of our journal (remember in January I had mentioned, we would be doing a project on this?). So for this weeks prompt we are going to take a simple step towards this.

Next week we are going to work on the cover and I am going to share some techniques and products that I used to create this journal cover. This journal was a class I created at Seaside Soire in California for  
Charity Wings. This event I have taught at for the last two years, yet this year, the teachers we came together for a beautiful set of classes that just were cohesive and inspirational (love ya Jen and Cheryl!).

In this class I shared a bit about me, who I am in art, life as a mother, wife, child... just a little deeper than I normally would. Normally this would seem a bit unconventional, but this was the moment to do so. This next week we will be digging in a little deeper, last month we talked about relationships, this month is going to be about us. 

Here is a close up of one of my FAVORITE techniques... you will love it!

 Here is a fun adhesive technique....

An eclectic title using the stamps I designed for Unity Stamp Co.

And COLOR who doesn't love COLOR?

So I hope you will join me next week as I take a the FULL week (to catch up with the month) but also to share a full page of techniques to get you started.

So here is the prompt (homework) to get us started for next week:

  • create a list of words you would use to describe yourself, take a day and write this down and then put it away, don't add anything else to it.
  • take a different day and ask those closest (friends and family members) to you a few words that they would use to describe you.
  • Take a different day and ask acquaintances for a few words that they would use to describe you. These could be people that you see but don't work with on a regular basis, or casual people you see once in a while.
  • After you have collected your lists, make a new list of how you see yourself, after you have talked to people, make this list at the end of the day.
  • Keep these lists separate. 
Sound a little strange? Well hopefully it will all make sense... next week. Regardless, we will have some fun and I am excited to share some fun videos and such with you.

So this weeks prompt, aka homework is pretty simple... we will use this for next weeks project :)

Until then,  we are taking the kids to Estes Park today for a little hiking and exploring, our first day out since our week of sickness. I hope this is the first day of full health for us :)

See you all Monday :)

~Liz ♥