Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PAJWLH- Share YOUR Message...

So today is Valentines Day. I thought for today I would share a little project that I made for my husband James for last years Valentines Day. In recent years we haven't really celebrated Valentines Day in the traditional sense. We tend to stay at home and watch a movie or find something that we both enjoy. Since we have moved to Colorado we are kind of out here on our own and although we have an excellent support system out here of friends, going out just hasn't been as important to us. It seems that what is truly sacred is our time together. So as mundane as it may sound to just stay home and enjoy a movie alone... we enjoy it and thoroughly look forward to it.

With this piece of art, I really wanted James to know just how much he meant to me (us). Beyond just our couch dates and watching movies together... I knew at this point that this phrase was exactly what he needed to hear. This art came at a time when I new that my husband really needed to be reminded that when he went to work, those of us who he left behind appreciated it, and that we looked forward to his return. Sometimes it is tough for a husband and daddy to leave his happy little family behind. I really wanted James to know that his absence was not in vain... and that his sacrifices for his family were appreciated.

Supplies used: Mod Podge and Acrylic Paints- Plaid 
wire, sequin and gems- Art-C Mixed Media Exploration (LYB)
metal embellishment, Oil Pastels, Charcoal and China marker vintage paper- Unknown


 Although Valentines Day is the day of LOVE, I think it is important to remember that we all express and receive love it different ways. For some it may be the simple words, some it might be actions, gifts... others it might just be time. Whatever it is that your loved one needs this is a great day to remind ourselves of their importance in our lives and how we can strive to bless them each day. Valentines Day is a simple reminder... that we are blessed with loved ones each day.

So whatever it is that you have to give... Send it out. Share it. Let your message be sent. This is a great day to remind ourselves of what it is that we have to give/offer to our loved ones and to this world. Our presence is so specific to this world and we can never forget that our presence is so very necessary and important to more people than just ourselves and those around us. Our lives, even the simplest lived... impact so much more than those around us. Share your message today, to all that are around you. Let them be blessed by what and who you are so that they may bless others in return.

get out and GIVE:


What ever it is that you have to give today...let it be a gift to someone. Let this day be more than just love. Let it be a reminder of just what a joy it is to give to someone the amazing gifts that we have to give... without expectation of return... just because that is who we are. Be who you are. Proudly.Willingly and lovingly. There are some very special people out there that depend on it :)

This piece of art now hangs by our doorway so that even our children can be reminded that we love them so, and that anyone of us that leaves the house... it is noticed.

I hope today is a blessing to you, that you escape from the normal hustle and bustle of Valentines Day and are reminded that we all have a very special gift to give.So much more than LOVE...

~Liz ♥


  1. Lovely sentimental work. I too have a beloved who works far far away, so I understand what that closed door feels like.
    Here's to always being on the other side when they are able to make it home.
    Hope you are having a great day with those you love today too.

    1. Oh Pam, I remember how happy you were when your sweetie came home. Well said. It is so important to be there when they return with loving open arms. Makes them feel like they never left.

  2. Beautiful project!!! My hubby has to go to France sometimes for one thing or another, and it is soooo hard to be separated...I totally get it. Good blog music, by the way!!!

    1. Christina, it's been a while, so nice to see you again! We both travel so it is tough when are schedules make our quality time tight. I think about our friends that are in the armed forces and then our short trips apart are put a bit into perspective. Thanks for the music mention, I forgot to mention it the post that I had changed it to some feel good valentiney music for February.

  3. here is my take on this weeks prompt