Saturday, October 3, 2009

California here I come!

We are slowly but surely getting settled into our new place here in Colorado. We got here just in time for a beautiful fall. The leaves are turning such beautiful shades of yellow, orange red and purple. The last few days have been super windy. Although we came from the home of the Santa Ana winds, these winds are far more furious. What is surprising us the most is the wild life right out side our window. Behind us is a small farm that raises horses. There are always beautiful horses for the kids to look at. Here is a pic (again from our backyard, and YES our neighbor does have a log cabin in their yard!) of not only a squirrel, but a squirrel with the worlds longest tail. Seriously, it reminds me of the squirrels on Snow White that help her clean house with their long tails.

And since we are setting world records with our wildlife, I might as well share with you the worlds smallest snail that we found as we were leaving Wendy and Kyles house the other day. It could fit on my pinkie finger and was translucent. So we brought it home and I was able to snap this cool shot. This pic I did a overlay/screen effect to bring out the greens.

Every morning these little fellows come out and try and find breakfast in the horse field behind us. Needless to say our cats have become indoor cats (they are NOT happy about that). I had never seen an actual fox, let alone 3 before so this was kind of cool. They never come into our backyard and are only out in the early morning or late afternoon, so we don't really have to worry about them and the kids (we still stay with the kids when they are outside just in case). As cool as they are, they are definitely not the whole Fox and Hound kind of foxes... If only all animals were as nice as they are in Disney movies.
So as you can see slowly but surely we are adjusting. Such a dramatic whirl wind change and through it all we are blessed. There have definitely been struggles, but at the end of the day we couldn't ask for more. There are times when me and James just sit in the silence of the house after the kids are down for the night and think out loud, "whoa" we are actually IN Colorado. I don't think it will ever make sense to us just how God moves or how he had planned for us to be here at this time, but all we can do is give thanks and know that his will is perfect, and although the struggles never end (I am sure the word life, MUST mean struggle in some ancient language) neither does our joy. It abounds each day reminds us just how lucky we are.

Well before we had moved here I had planned to teach at the Ontario Scrapbook Expo. If you are going check out the classes (I will try and post some pics this week). I would love for you to come by and say hi!

While I am in the area, I am stopping by Scrap N' Yap to teach this coming Wednesday. This is one of my favorite stores to teach at (the girls there are just wonderful!) I will be teaching this fun Album and a free bonus class (if you sign up for the album class and buy two bottles of Glimmer Mist). There are only TWO spots left, and of course I will be bringing ALL of the Glimmer Mist colors available, PLUS some super fun prizes to give away! Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think!

You can call the store for details:

Scrap N' YaP

830 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016.

626/35 SCRAP (626/357-2727)

I hope to see some of my friends from California this week. Even if you are not coming to scrap, stop by the store or the expo to say hi!

See you soon!


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  1. Glad to hear you are settling in Liz! The pictures are so scenic and happy!! Can I move there, too?!? ;o)
    Your class project is stunnin! Wish it was closer so I could take it! Have a wonderful and safe visit to Cali!!