Friday, March 13, 2009

Home from Utah!

I'm Back!!! I was only gone for 36 hours and it feels like forever! I left on tuesday morning and came back wednesday afternoon, but boy did a lot go on furing that time! My first stop was to Provocraft to meet up with the team. We went to lunch and then returned to tape a few segments for Nth degree. The webisodes should be available on the site and Itunes sometime in April. W had tons of fun and the girls even took me out for an impromtu girls night out at the Training Table (I know I am totally simple, but I LOVED the idea of calling your order in on a phone! After that they took me to meet Archivers... I had heard so much about it, and FINALLY we meet. Last we went to the late showing of Twilight.... seriously could it be any better??? Here are a few shots from the trip, again thank you to the CX team for a great experience!

Provo Craft Headquarters (home of CX and Nth degree)
My View as I left home, long beach harbor.

The CX production team (minus Avon)

Me...calling in my food, and checking to see if they really got my order!

This was a sign at the movie theater directing me home!

Utah State Capital, I am a sucker for architecture in B&W

One of our mountain ranges, (I have some of the Utah mountain ranges on my FB)

The salt lake city temple, again a sucker for architecture!

If you'd like hop on over to my Facebook profile and see some of the other pics, mostly architecture, but some others are kind of fun.
Although I miss Utah, I am happy to be home hugging and kissing my family!

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