Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a hard knock life...

for my little girl. yes, she may be little but this fiesty little almost 3 year old has had more injuries and trips to the ER than her brothers combined, and you would think that her brothers would have played a part in her demise, but no... her boo-boo's are all her own. Yesterday she was wearing her little mermaid costume and decided to run (against our requests not to) and tripped and fell onto a bookshelf. I don't have any before pics, frankly my mind wasn't thinking of recording the event (I am some what normal, thank god!) but I did catch this pic of her after we came home and she had enjoyed 5 lollipops (hence the sticky do). She was a trooper in the ER, and charmed all the doctors and nurses. She even gave the "interesting" doctor a wierd look when he called her "pumpkin-doodle". She thought he was silly. She is up and going, with her Derma-bond faux stitches (thank god!). Now begins the regime of trying to keep her from a life long haircut of bangs, and keeping her scar fresh so it can heal appropriately and hopefully not be to apparent.
well, everyday I am reminded of why I do what I do, and here again is my life in motion. I love it, can't complain... at least when life throws me speed bumps, I have someone to hold my hand as I jump over it.

So today, be thankful for your family, including the few nutty ones, because each one of them keeps you grounded, and reminds you of just how good life is.



  1. aaawwww....poor little thing! I'll have to remember not to run while sportin' my Little Mermaid costume. lol
    I too hope her boo-boo heals nicely with as little scarring as possible.

  2. awwwww.... I feel for ya Liz (and your sweet lil munchkin too!). Even if they do drive us crazy with their antics some days, my theory is that they go to sleep each and everyday so that we can fall in love with them all over again!

    My youngest son took a golfclub to my older sons head last summer (by accident of course... so they say!) and he had a gash almost identical. My sister is a nurse and asked me how much I trusted her and she glued him back together like that too. The good news is that we were talking about that catastrophe (or so it seemed at the time) this past weekend and we could barely see the scar when we were all looking for it so I think she will heal up beautifully:) And even if you can see it when she is older... she is still gorgeous and will always have a good story to tell:)


  3. Awwwww . . . poor thing! I hope it heals quickly.

    You seem to have a great attitude about life, Liz!