Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I openly confess that I did it. I gave into my yearning for a good read and started reading Twilight last Wednesday. During this time I was also frantically kitting for my upcoming classes but in the back of my head, I was beckoned to the book each night. I lay there reading and literally feeling my body tense at moments as the content became more and more climactic. I know, this is not exactly the reaction you would expect from a newly 30 year old (so much for these being my mature years!) but with so much praise from my friends about the series, I just couldn't resist. Now I am not trying to "justify" my decision... but, in it's defense, Twilight is not exactly what I would expect from a YA book, actually I found it to be a little bit of the good and the bad. The writing, well at times I was lost and bored, but altogether I understood it, and the writer added details that my brain needed (constantly spoil plots in my head, jumping the gun and estimating outcomes) to catch me off guard.
So now, I am in search of book 3, I have borrowed the last two from my sister in law but with the vast following she has encouraged to read the books, I am sure that her copy is most likely occupied.
Well that means a quick trip to Target tomorrow to happily give them $8 to quench my need for a good read.
So did you think I would do it? well hopefully I haven't lost any friends over it, but all together even to the skeptics, think about reading it... you may change your mind.


  1. Oh, Man! Liz, I thought you were stronger than that! LOL! Well, you won't convert me, but I won't judge you. LOL!

  2. I don't know why I read Twilight. I didn't particularly enjoy the movie when I took the kids to see it. I think I bought it to see if there was something missing in the movie because there was such a buzz about the books. I didn't really enjoy reading Twilight either, but after I read the first chapter of New Moon (which is cleverly included in Twilight); I couldn't wait to read more. I actually went out at 11:00 at night to find somewhere open that had the book. Anyway - I got totally hooked. I got totally sucked in. I've been housebound since Monday which was great because I was staying up until three in the morning reading them! I just finished Breaking Dawn last night. Now I'm a little sad they're over. I guess I'll have to try and fill the void with the 462 Google Reader updates I have since I've been neglecting them for a couple of days now!

  3. They are a fun read. Definitely addicting too. I read them all to my husband...and he couldn't wait for more! It was our "evening" time together. It was cool. You should try reading them to the husband. He might surprise you by liking them!

  4. NOW I see why you havent gotten to the PO! lol Just kidding! Enjoy the books but PLEASE dont get me to want to read it! lol
    Happy holidays!

  5. Too funny ... I bought the book at least two months ago and have yet to pick it up and read it. I talked myself into getting it although in my mind I kept repeating "you don't like vampires, you don't like vampires". Go figure. Love your blog by the way - now that's a fun read.