Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello 30~

Last week I celebrated my 30th birthday exactly the way I wanted to. I have debated on whether to talk about my dailies here in the blog, but I originally started this blog to catalog moments in my life so that I could look back and scrap as I go. So with this in mind, I share with you some of my day to day events this past month.

As most of you know, Sawyer our youngest son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS November 2006. He spent most of the second year of his life in intense ABA therapy which produced amazing results. He has sense adapted to a wonderful, beautiful little boy. This past few months we had noticed particular behaviors starting to creep up in him. We decided to have him evaluated again by our nuerologist and what she said devistated us. She left us with no hope, and basically told us that our little boy may never grow out of this and that he will ALWAYS have autistic tendencies. I was a shell of a mother as it was, being that I had no control over this thing that lingered in and out of our lives and to hear her tell me there was no hope, just shattered me. She did recommend intense ABA therapy to help with his behaviors but it is near impossible for our school district to cover this. We are currently in the process of having him re-evaluated for services and just hold true to the fact that God created Sawyer just as he is and has an amazing plan for his life. There is no doubt in our minds that Sawyer will move mountains, it is just the most scariest thing to go through as a parent knowing that your child is in there and you don't know how to get him out. We are fotunate enough that Sawyer is bright and responsive, tells us he loves us and talks to us. He is high functioning which is a blessing but keeps him at arms length for services he needs. So this month has been a trial for us emotionally besides the fact James' grandfather passed away as well.

Well with all of this going on, I just couldn't bring myself to have a huge party. I needed to do something simple that I could just enjoy. I had no more emotion left, and I really just needed a day to be me and appreciate the blessings in my life.

So my day consisted of dropping the kids off at school, attending IEP meetings for both Sawyer and Sedona (they both recieve speech services) and hustling over to Jackson's school for his parent teacher conference. All three meetings were great and Jackson recieved all outstandings, plus perfect attendance.

For dinner I ordered some pizza's and we had James' family over for dinner. James brought home some cupcakes from Sprinkles (my new guilty pleasure) and we laughed the night away.

This simple day of mommy duties is exactly what I wanted to do on this day at this time. I needed something simple I could relax with and I thank James for doing that for me. We will most likely do a party for the two of us during the summer, but for my day... my gift was simple. My day was simple, and it reminded me of just what my life is right now and just how blessed it is.


  1. Hi Liz,
    I will keep you and your family in my prayers. While the lady who evaluated Sawyer may have no hope, we do. Our God is the source of all hope, and as you said, He created Sawyer the way He did for a reason. I pray also for your strength and wisdom as you learn to adapt and best help your son.
    Glad to hear you had a nice, peaceful BD...sometimes simple is best.
    {{{hugs}}} to you and yours!

  2. I've never seen cupcakes like those before..must be a Colorado trendy bakery! lol We don't have those over in the hills of Tenn!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday and I am glad you got your simple Birthday wish! :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday and I am glad you got your simple Birthday wish! :)

  5. Sorry I missed the big 3-0!! Happy belated birthday Liz!! Sounds like it was fun. I haven't blogged much. I'm in a scrappy slump trying to pull myself out litle by little.

    I mailed your package. Let me know when you receive it ok? Talk to you soon.