Monday, January 21, 2013

Art for Cheryl- 1

One thing that I didn't think much about when I started this campaign for Art for Cheryl was just how much emotion this would dig up. Cheryl had her surgery last Monday and is now home safe. She is followed by Dr.'s appointments and much needed rest. To keep up with Cheryl's progress please check out the online community that has been set up for her. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW CHERYL TO BE A PART... just caring is enough... prayer if you have it in you would be awesome as well.


At our show this week it was apparent to me just how much emotion was dug up with Cheryl going into surgery. All of our friends were together, even Cheryl came for the first day of the show (unfortunately I showed up after, so didn't get to see her). It was hard. Knowing that our friend, our dear friend would be going through this was just tough. I could see it on all of my friends faces, but they lit up with the happiness that they got to see her that first day. 

Unfortunately my bright idea for all of us to sport our TEAM CHERYL tattoos didn't quite take off, you see... a certain little 7 year old with a heart of gold took the pink sharpie out of mommies purse to create her own team Cheryl tattoo and well, just like mommy ALWAYS tells her... she put it away in where she thought it should go, our utility drawer. So the sharpie didn't make it with me to the show, and in all honesty I think our group of friends were kind of wrapped up with the pensive feeling of Cheryl and surgery. All in all I think it worked out just fine. A nice artist created a Flat Cheryl whom roamed the floors with us and altogether we had a blast and were relieved to hear that Cheryl made it out of surgery well.

Many have already begun their art for #teamcheryl. The outpouring from Cheryl's family and friends has been amazing. I am going to see if there is a way to make the print public so that anyone can grab it and use it. The main thing is to get our girl better and to shower her with what speaks to her heart... God, Art and Love. You don't have to be an artist to participate... just someone who cares and can create something for our girl using these words... You don't even have to use the print... just share and hashtag #teamcheryl so that you can be included in the love and support that Cheryl deserves.

The print above is something that I created by scanning in some original art and masking it with a black background. The paints I used were from a new company called Splash of Color formerly Creative Imaginations. They are the home of Luminarte and Viva Colour paint products which work amazingly together.

I am normally not an non objective abstract artists... I usually have some sort of objectivity to my art but not having anything at all in my head to create...leads to artsy freedom like this.

This is just a small scanned portion of the original art that I used for Cheryl's piece... I was just having fun with some of the new Splash of Color paints that I brought home from CHA. This will most likely end up being turned into something else and act as a bottom layer... but I had a blast testing out the paints and just having fun. You can see a sampling of how the Luminarte products and the Viva Colour products work well together to create depth and texture. For this project I used the Luminarte twinkling H2O's, Radiant Rains and the Viva Colour Pearl pens, Glitter Pens, Modeling Cremes, Crackle Paints, Inka Gold rubs and Inka Gold base coat. It was fun to sit down and relax for a few hours and just create.

If you are interested in joining in on the Art for Cheryl campaign please email me at primadonnaliz@yahoo(dot)com and I will send you the print. I am hoping to see if there is a way to make the print public so that we can make access a little easier. Or like I said previously... just create something with Cheryl's quote on it "Make Today Count" give credit to Cheryl in the quote and hashtag #teamcheryl so that it can be included in this for her.

Thanks so much.

~Liz Hicks


  1. Love your piece and that Make Today Count is perfect!

    Thinking of Cheryl!

  2. Really cute stamps. I do mostly cards but sometimes a little mixrd media.