Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A day with the President of the United States of American

It is crazy to think of the turn of events that allowed me to be exactly where I was yesterday. At Colorado State University able to be a part of our Presidents visit.

Here are just a few of the road blocks I faced:

  • I didn't have a ticket.
I found out about the event last Wednesday, at which point I waited to hear of the details to plan my childcare around. By the time the details came out on Saturday, rumor was that the tickets were all sold out. As I walked out of class on Monday Morning (the day before the event) there was a campaign lady passing out the last of the tickets right in front of my class... I stopped and grabbed one just in case, what would it hurt?

  • I almost dropped my class
I started the semester with 5 classes and each week as I prayed about our family and what my role would be this year, I kept feeling the need to be home and available for my husband and kids. So class after class I dropped until I was left with one.  Photo Journalism. I am not a photo journalist, by far but I liked the instructor and I wanted more practice with live situations and my camera. Right before I had received my ticket for the event, I was in class. It was an overwhelming day in which at the end of class I really thought I was in over my head. I spoke with my instructor, who just happens to be the head of our department and my un-official advisor (I go to him, all the time with my questions, lol). Talking with him and explaining my reservations he was able to bring me back into reality and see that the class was managable. So with that phone call, I decided to stay in the class.

  • I didn't have childcare
This was a biggie for me. But thankful to my friends, (my really good friends) I was able to make it, even with just one days notice. I am so fortunate to have friends available to help on such short notice.

  • My camera lens was broken
For some time now my 55-200 lens had been broken. It just wouldn't focus or take pictures. I thought that I would have to use my 18-55 for this event. On a heart feeling... I decided to just try out the lens... see how bad it was (trust me, the last time I used it... it was BAD). When I put my lens on my camera body, it worked. I can not explain it any other way than it was a miracle and I am so grateful to God that it worked and I was able to get some great shots with it. If I had been left with my short distance lens I would not have received nearly as many good pictures.

  • They wouldn't let us in
We arrived 4 hours early to the event only to find out that some students had shown up from our school and already taken the spots we had counted on. After waiting an hour, the Denver Press Secretary was able to fit us in, but only 2 of us could be on the risers at a time... I didn't care where I was as long as I could be a part of the event. I am so grateful that our team works well together and that we rotated positions allow all of us to get time on the risers.


It was strange as I heard about the event with Obama, I knew I would be there for some strange reason or another, I felt it. even though I had given up on the chance to go, God had different plans for me. I really didn't have an urgency to be there, but as the pieces started to fall together, I felt as if I was floating towards where I was supposed to be. Kinda strange, but really cool. It just reminds me that in life... it is best to go forward in gratitude and expect nothing. Good things come whether you like them or not, so just let them come. After so many years of trying to make things happen, with limited success... its days like this that remind me I am exactly where I am, and going exactly where I need to be... just put on the cruise control and glide in. Blessing will come, and blessings will go... but nothing I do will make them come faster.

Being a part of the press at this event was a once in a life time opportunity. One I will never forget. It is surreal to think that I was merely feet away from the President of the United States. Next to me on the press risers were the reports for Denver Fox 31 news and the secret service... yes I said the secret service... the official MEN IN BLACK. It was surreal to say the least.

I have more pictures, which I hope to post. But for now, these were my favorites.

Thanks for visiting today... I hope you enjoy reading about my miracle adventure!

~Liz Hicks ♥


  1. Serendipity...yes somehow we always end up were we are suppose to be. TFS!

  2. i read that i saw how the hand of god orchestrated lucky for that more than who you saw

  3. The hand of the weaver....
    You GO LIZ!!! Awesome, I live in Canada, but was ecstatic when he won. What did he say that really hit home with you?