Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I learned this semester (2 of 5)... PAJWLH

Graphic Design...

I can honestly say that in this class I was reminded of the word... HUMBLE.

This was my second of three classes that I had on the first day of school. Since I had the same instructor and was in the same room, I didn't have quite the same jitters that I had a few hours prior with my first class.

Our first assignment was to create a logo for a small independent business. Since I didn't know to many local businesses, I chose one of the only ones that I knew of :) Juiced on Imagination is a local art studio that provides art classes for all ages. Now we didn't communicate with the business itself, so this logo is just based off of my assignment and not off of what Julie (the owner of JOI) stated... actually I think I should probably let her know :)

Here were my original sketches... 

 Through out both my Illustrator class as well as this class we had weekly online critiques that our class would join in on. based on the recommendations that my classmates and teacher gave, I worked through my sketches and added a little more...coming up with this. "THIS" was not as easy as it looked, I had to use a specific swatch book of colors which I somehow managed to mix up (not once, twice... but ALL the time)... But at first glance, they look great, although they would need work if they were to go to print.


From here our assignment was to choose one and go with it... So I went with the grapefruit colors from what my classmates stated they liked (although, I kinda like the tangerine color myself).


And that led into our next assignment... creating a stationary package... Below is a business card, letter head and envelope based on the logo concept.


 Our next assignment was to create a advertisement poster for an actual event. Again, since I am not that familiar with a whole lot of local events... I chose one of the only events I could remember. The Denver Chalk Art Festival. I took two different approaches to it being that this event supports street art, yet also is an event that is visited by those who appreciate the arts.

After our posters we were assigned to re-do a book cover and this time we sent it to print. This was one of the most gratifying moments when you actually get to see your work in use, and not just any use... actual purposeful use! Although the design ended up being not my favorite, the fit and cut were perfect which to me... was all that mattered. If I had more time, I would have explored a few more options for design... but overall... I was just so happy that it fit, which meant I could actually make a book jacket if I ever needed too!

Our last assignment was to create and send to print a menu for a fictitious restaurant. I choose a restaurant theme that me and my husband have tossed around. Although there are a TON of places to eat here in town, there is not a true coastal Mexican cuisine (AKA Taco Surf). So this menu is based off of that concept... And of course...there are a few misspellings... apparently I need to quadruple check my work and fire my editor :)

So as I stated before, this class definitely reminded me of the word... Humble. Why? Well because although I have worked in marketing for the last three years, this class literally schooled me. I started the class feeling pretty confident with the material, understanding basic ideas of advertisement, hierarchy, emotive color schemes, understanding the proposed audience but at this point I would usually pass the info, sketch and such onto a graphic designer who would then work with me to create an ad... well now the graphic designer was me. Humility fills you when you realize there is so much more that you could learn. And I continue to learn. Taking this class has opened my eyes to so much more information and knowledge that I had yet to learn. I had no idea how much I would love the printing process. And being the full circle of an advertisement or element as such is thoroughly rewarding.

So let's base this one off of Humility... This can be pretty open. Choose either an area of life that you either:
  • A- feel you might be able to take a step back and re-evaluate...perhaps a place in your life that you use to feel confident, yet now you are not sure. Look at the truth of the matter with your eyes wide open.
  • B- feel underdeveloped. Something that you have longed and desired to know more about, maybe even about yourself...something that you feel that you can learn or develop in yourself... again... Look at the truth of the matter with open eyes.
Take this motivation and create a page in regards to this, again... no one needs to see this if you don't want them too, so this can be a page that is just for you. Use a simple color scheme and if you'd like you can pull inspiration from one on my projects above as a sketch.

What I have enjoyed about humility is that it allows you to learn. It allows you to grow. There are times where we need to be bold, confident in what we do and know, but that is not all the time. We all deserve a time to step back and look at our skill set and take that next step forward towards bettering ourselves... It's our responsibility :)

I am leaving today for Utah to tape some segments for My Craft Channel, if you haven't heard of them... check them out they have some AMAZING FREE videos from some of my friends, all full of crafty goodness. You will not be disappointed!

Here is a sneak peek of two of my segments which we will be using as art journal prompts as well! You will love the way they shoot their videos, they are so much better than the way I shoot, lol... check them out. You will love what they have to offer.And it's free :)

 Thanks again for following along on this journey :) Again, I am not a therapist, counselor or anything like that so I hope that these prompts do not come off as suggestive to that matter... I just share what I have learned (even the hard way) in hopes that it helps.

~Liz ♥

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