Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So looking at our last prompt for PAJWLH, I never thought about how intimidating the "Sketch" part would be. I am so sorry. I guess being a student has me excited about what it is that I am learning and eager to share it with you all. Looking back at the post though, lol... I guess I really didn't do the best job of explaining it. I hope that you see this prompt as a light hearted attempt to further our skills together. I do hope that you can attempt sketching to some degree, and if not... no worries :) That is the purpose of this journaling workshop is that it act as small prompts and lessons that anyone can attempt, ala carte.

On another note, I haven't had a chance to do my last two pages... I have been overwhelmed with school work since I returned home from CHA. On my few spare moments I have been trying to catch up with my kids and husband. It has been a whirlwind of a time and jam packed with deadlines all crammed into a small period of time. Now I know, don't take a week off of school when you are taking 15 units. Period. I have been swimming in assignments this last three weeks and finally this week I feel like I am coming up for air. It is crazy busy but exciting. I am in love with being a student, especially an art student.

The funny thing about having my head stuck in books this last few weeks is that now that I have some time to notice what is going on around me, I have noticed that my housework has fallen by the wayside. I told a friend yesterday that it looks like I am hoarding clean laundry (because my husband actually washed it all for me!) and dust bunnies. I would be the first to admit, housework is not my forte. Balancing this new life of mine is going to be a learning curve. Finding a new normal is never easy, especially when it involves housework :)

So tonight I am hoping to wrap up my last two pages as well as finish up a project that I am working on for my friend, Courtney Walsh's new book (A Sweethaven Summer) release. I will go ahead and post it tomorrow, hopefully along with Part 2 of the last prompt and my pages (fingers crossed).

So I hope you will forgive me for the scary prompt :) and join me tomorrow as I share a new prompt and art work.

~Liz ♥

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