Thursday, January 12, 2012

Art Journal and Tablet Keeper projects

So today is my day to share my projects for the Nancy Zieman's Tablet Keeper Blog Tour! I ended up with two projects to share... not necessarily on purpose, lol.

I started out with (good) intentions to create a tablet keeper for my new E-Reader. I decided to use muslin  as my base for my project as I love how easy it is to paint. What I SHOULD have done was paint first, cut second.... But I went against my better judgement and painted my cut fabric. I should know better, but was so excited to get started and paint, lol. Anyways, to make a long story short... my initial fabric that I painted had shrank about 1/4 inch So, this lead me to creating a fun art journal out of this.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to marry different crafts into my project.

 I added hand drawn flowers to the cover and painted the cover with acrylic paint, water colors and a carbon pencil. The title was created with the stamp set I designed for Unity Stamp Company.

Here is a close up of the cover. In order to create a weather proof seal on my cover, I used a jewelers grade epoxy resin, Ice Resin to seal it. It gives my cover a beautiful slick effect that can easily be wiped off ( a must have with kids!).

 Here are some of the fun inside pages I created out of paper, muslin and stabilizer.

This page I created by using a firm stabilizer covered in muslin. This is wonderful for mixed media art journaling as it creates a firm, mostly water resistant barrier in between your pages.

For my Tablet Keeper, I actually started a new project from scratch (measuring twice, cutting once!). I first assembled my project and then painted to prevent any shrinkage :)

Supplies used: Nancy Zieman Tablet Keeper template, Tablet Keeper stabilizer, Create a Strap. Acrylic Paint, Water Color paint and Twinkling H2O's, Unknown items- Thread and Muslin.

 I am very happy with the way it came out. It is very organic looking which I love. I love that it has an irregular look to it, makes it totally hand made and ME!

 Here is an up close picture of the flowers. The detail and shading was created with acrylic paint, water colors and twinkling H2O's by Creative Imaginations.

Here is the inside of the cover. I painted sporadically with cream paint and  hand journaled a nice reminder for myself. From here, I covered the page with Ice Resin to create a transparent look to the page. I did all of this before I sewed the page down.

For an added little detail, I added a piece of vintage paper to the tablet insert so that the print could vaguely be seen through the resin muslin that I journaled on. I like how it adds a little depth to the project, makes you have to pay attention to the little details.

I am so happy to have been a part of this blog hop. It made me bring out some of my trusty craft supplies and explore different areas than I normally would. 

Here is a picture again of the wonderful Clover prize package that Nancy has up for grabs during the blog hop. Check out the blog link here for the details.

Thanks again for sharing this project with me. I had a lot of fun creating this on behalf of Brewer Sewing. If you have any questions you can email me or find me on facebook :)

~Liz ♥


  1. Liz,
    I adore your tablet keeper! I have always wanted to try to paint on fabric, but have yet to take the plunge! Your beautiful works may just help me try!

  2. I just have to say I wanted to 'marry' Brad Pitt...but I digress. Seriously terrific tablet keeper. I didn't know painting would shrink the fabric that much. Thanks for the heads up.I love how you are not afraid of the bold colors. Thanks for sharing
    Keep smiling and creating

  3. Love the tablet keeper. Your fabric shrunk a lot.

  4. Wow, wow, WOW, you always amaze me how creative you are and how wonderful the this you make are, you're a true inspiration and I'm so happy we're friends,
    Love you loads (and now I'm inspired to make a cover for my iPad)
    Love, Trude J.

  5. Very creative ideas, and new products I will have to check out and try to use. Thanks for sharing. I haven't tried painting fabric, and look forward to trying it sometime.

  6. This is just beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful tablet cover, and very different too. Thanks for sharing your project.

  8. GORGEOUS tablet keeper - wow! beautiful stamps too

  9. I'd like to come over for lessons on how to make one!! :)

  10. Are you doing that pay it forward thing??? Hum...can I be number one??? That is spectacular Liz!

  11. What a beautiful tablet keeper! You are a very talented person. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Very very nice. Beautiful tablet keeper! Thanks for share