Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 2 and 3- Snow and Thank Thursday

 Day 2- Snow

I think most of my friends would think I am crazy for being so fond of the snow, but the truth is that after living 30 years in perpetual summer (AKA California) a little seasonal change is much appreciated. Now I don't think that I could handle snow all the time, I am a winter wimp... and really can't handle to cold all that long. Thank God I live in Colorado where the snow falls often, yet melts quickly.

Yesterday, we had a fun in the snow. It's these fun moments that I am grateful for. It is also these impromptu fun moments that spark the best creativity in my family. After a suggestion from my friend Trish, we decided to build a fort for our kids and graffiti it with colored water (food coloring, mixed with water).

This of course made our kids super happy and also pumped them up to imitate our building. I love that my kids find inspiration in the things we do for them. I am also grateful that my kids love experimenting and being creative.

With this in mind, our kids decided to mimic our ice fort by trying to create a "Spongebob Snowpants".
They figured out what the design was going to be, and also what supplies they would need. by  recruiting the assistance of both James and I... together we created our chilled underwater friend.

I am so proud of their creativity and to be able to help them with their project. Together my husband and the boys built the base while our daughter, eldest son and myself painted our new snow buddy with food coloring, water and a small amount of watered down craft paint (the black). We wanted to make sure that the dyes were safe to be melted.

It's little things like this that make me love the snow.

DAY 3: Thank Thursday (WE&Co), #WE&CO, #Thankthursday

A while back I found a fun little app for my Iphone called We&Co. This App is specifically set up for patrons to be able to give a THANK YOU shout out to their favorite places to visit in their town. You can also say THANK YOU to a specific worker at your favorite places as well.

I love the idea of being able to thank someone, especially someone that normally may not get the recognition that they deserve. This app is the perfect solution for that.

Along with this App, the We&Co. company has launched a #thankthursday campaign to remind ourselves to thank someone each Thursday. Although thanking someone may be second nature to us in any given conversation... It might be hard to pin point when we last sincerely looked at some in the eyes and gave them a heartfelt thank you. That is where Thank Thursday comes in :) This also is a nice way for us to take our month long gratitude... and stretch it to last all year long :)

You can find We&Co. on Facebook and Twitter :)

With this being said... today I thank my friend, Kerri... I could make a very long list of many different things that I am thankful to her for, but today I am thankful just for her. I am grateful to know her, have her as a true friend and am especially grateful for the person that she is and how she has encouraged and impacted me.  Everybody needs a Kerri in their life.

So I hope today that you begin to take advantage of Thank Thursday, and thank that person in your life that most deserves it right now.


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  1. Wow, it looks like you all had a marvellous time, and I can totally understand your love of winter (I am also a huge winter-fan, and a snowlover). What a great thing to do to dedicate November to thankfulness, I do believe I'll "steal" your concept.

    Love, Trude Julie