Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winner of Soul Restoratation class!

Thank you ladies (and gentlemen) for all of your heart felt comments. It is so wonderful to hear you talk so highly of someone so dear to you. Here is our random winner!

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Blogger Saskatchewan Scraps said...

HI Liz, I am EXCITED to begin this journey!!!!!! It's about time I sat and re-evaluated my life and discover how i can improve to my maximum potential.

I would LOVE to nominate my best girlfriend i've known since birth (34 yrs!!) for this prize. This last year she has had a world of problems, house flooding and them spending the last 7 months living among boxes and all their stuff in one area without a living room table to eat at. As well, God graciously has blessed her with a fantastic husband this second time around, but I think this course could really benefit her because of all the negative treatment she was subjected to with the first one that tore her down emotionally. I would love to see her rise, discover herself and be able to have some awesome stuff happen to her this year.
Thanks Liz!

January 11, 2011 8:42 AM

It was so wonderful to see all of your hearts pour out into these posts. It makes me smile to know that most of you (those whom I have grown to know through this industry or on my blog) have such a giving heart... it is a beautiful thing!

So Leica, if you could email me Primadonnaliz(at)yahoo(dot)com I will go ahead and let the girls over there at Brave Girls get your friend all ready and set!

Thank you all again, and I am sure that your friends will be thanking you too...for all of the wonderful things that you had said about them!

~Liz ♥


  1. congrats! I hope you love it and it changes your life as it is already changing mine!

  2. Lecia congrats to you for winning, I know your friend will enjoy the workshop!

  3. Congrats to your lucky winners can say that Brave Girls and Soul Restoration has been an amazing journey so far, am sure they will love it too. And thanks for hosting this give away.