Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It has been almost 2 months since I last blogged... believe me, I would much rather have been here typing... but life had other ideas for me.

This past two months has been a whirlwind... although I would not give them up, I would not want to re-live some moments.

So where do I start?

I guess I start exactly where most of have asked me to start.

My last post was one of my favorites.. I was asked how it was to work with my husband. This was a tough post because the next day I had planned to turn in my notice at Tattered Angels which meant that we would no longer be working together. I loved working with my husband, he was the highlight of my day, and although I hope to work with him again someday, I knew deep in my heart that what I was doing was the right move for me and for my role in our family. James still works at Tattered Angels and I support all of his efforts. I just knew that as much as I loved what I did for Tattered Angels, that the direction that the company was going was different than that I was originally hired for. That is not a bad thing, I wish them success... I just felt in my heart of hearts that the best thing for me was to part and explore other opportunities.

My last day in the office was Tuesday September 14th, although my official last day with Tattered Angels was September 19th, which I helped assist them with Scrapfest for Archiver's.

On my last day a majority of the staff came to say their farewells with cupcakes... wouldn't be a party without cupcakes (courtesy of Butter Cream Cup Cakery) ♥

The staff on my last day

Some of my favorite peeps



I have made some great friends working in the Tattered Angels office. With our move from California only one short year ago... we are so blessed to call so many of these people friends.

I have to admit that it was a bit scary leaving a full time job not knowing exactly what I was going to do. With the economy still being a little shaky... Some would call it crazy... but as scary as it was... deep down inside I had peace and that is a beautiful thing.

So where does this leave know you ask?

Well as for work... I am excited to explore some other opportunities... work with new companies and some that I have worked with in the past. I hope to do some more marketing, product development and of course... education ♥

As for creativity... NOTHING can stop me :)
I still get my hands full of paint... they still sparkle... I just use ALL art mediums now... This has brought a whole new artistic freedom to my life ♥ and I love it. I don't know where I will go from here, I do know that I will have beautifully painted hands though... and that makes me happy. I had anticipated still being a part of the Tattered Angels education team after my departure, but unfortunately... that isn't the case. And that is OK... I enjoy the opportunity to explore art mediums freely :)

So... this brings me to a new stage in my life and career. I am grateful for some amazing things that have happened this last month regardless of the trials and bumpy road to get there. I am excited to see where my new road takes me... I hope and pray that the bumps are behind me and that the future hold the freedom that I long for.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me... I do have so much to catch up on and to share... I still want to chat about our move, new home, BRAVE GIRLS, Scrapfest and my recent trip to Norway....

Eventually I will get through it all... I am going to take my time... heal... restore my soul...create art... and share my heart... I couldn't ask for anything more :)

♥ Liz


  1. Liz, I can't wait to read and see all your new adventures in life. xox

  2. Can I just say girl, you are amazing :) Hugs and I can't wait to see where your creativity takes you. Hope to see you there lol <3 Jamie

  3. It can never be a mistake to follow your heart. Even when the mind questions the heart knows what it needs. (pretty deep sounding huh?)
    Love ya bunches!

  4. I am happy for you that you have found peace. I hope that your new journey will be filled with unlimited creativity for you.

  5. WOW! I can't wait to see & hear all about what you do next. May your new ventures bring you happiness, prosperity & art! :)

  6. I am sure with all your drive and your great personality........ your new adventures will be great!
    I attended two of your classes at the expo in orlando in May and wished i had booked into the 3rd...you were a great teacher....Thank you from the English ladies !!!!

  7. Good luck with all your endevours! IT's so great to hear from you again. I'm sooooo loocking forward to reading more from you. And please let me know if (or when) you run out of Norwegian chocolate ;)

  8. Thanks for sharing with us Liz. You will always continue to inspire me! Can't wait to see where life takes you next.

  9. Hi Liz :) Just wanted to drop by and say it was truly lovely meeting you, although I was too shy to say too much most of the time, *blush* :) Good thing you were so outgoing :) *hugs* Looking forward to learn what's next for you, and wish you all the best in your journey :)

  10. Liz, i'm so Happy that you are doiing well. And it's great to hear from you again. I wish you the best on this new journey of yours. I know that best things are coming your way. Can't wait to see your new projects.

  11. Hi Liz...

    it is never easy to be brave and follow your heart, knowing you are doing doing what is best for you and your family,

    they say, when God closes a door, he often opens a window and I for one, see many great things coming your way.....hugs to you

  12. Hey Girl,
    Glad your back, we've missed you.
    So many changes, and wow, how exciting !! In my book, change is always a good thing. I know GOD is in control and so I roll with it and keep my faith ! Hugs to you and yours and blessings on your new adventure !

  13. I know this to be true... peace comes when you follow God and follow your heart and of course, play and create along the journey!! Blessings on you and your family through these changes :)