Monday, October 18, 2010

Authentic and Pure

So this weeks prompt for our Art Journals is from Rebecca. As I told you last week, we are taking one page a week and creating in our art journals. We would love for you to follow along, but if it helps you more just to read along.. that is fine too!

Rebecca's prompt for this week was:

What bugs you?

The item to use was Stamped image or words

Now I looked at this prompt and thought what at this moment just doesn't sit well with me. And well the answer was easy... Lack of authenticity.

I look at this world and see so many beautiful opportunities for friendships to grow, people to thrive relationships to flourish and what truly keeps them from advancing is the lack of vulnerability and security to be truthful and authentic in front of others
. There is nothing wrong with the way you were meant to be... We all grow, we ALL make mistakes... the beauty of it is just how you react to the mistakes you make. Do you embrace them or hide them? How can anyone else learn from your mistakes unless you share them with others who just might be going through the same exact things that you have gone through. Imperfections are meant to be shared... if even for the single reason that they show people you are human... and that is OK...

Each of us was created uniquely and perfectly in the way that only we could impact this world... and it is such a shame when we take the burden of someone else's judgment and allow it to position the direction of our passions and paths.

So here is my page... I like to create one artsy page and one journal page on the back so I can just have fun on the artsy page... Although if I can think of a creative way of adding my journal... I will add it to my artsy page, but for this... I thought it would be discreet to just show the bones of my project.

Here is my artsy page...

Close up of the flower... I used vintage dictionary pages and sparkly glitter tulle. To color the leaves I used Clear Snap Smooch, Spritz and of course around the edges I used sparkly thread.

The background.... The background was created with Turquoise craft paint and white Chalkboard Paint by Folkart (Plaid). The edge was colored with Smooch Spritz. And of course... sparkly thread (Sulky or Gutermann). I painted the lace on with the chalkboard paint.

This was some left over fabric from a Little Mermaid costume I made my daughter a few years back... just it into a stem and leaves with of course... sparkly thread. ♥
The title is a classic set of Prima Times new Roman letters... I love these letters :) i stamped the word TRUTH on the letter... the stamp I used is one of Melody's that she created for Unity Stamp Co. And of course... sewed down with silver sparkly thread :)

And here is the journal page...

The album was created by sticking pages of an old magazine circulation together to create thicker pages (something I learned at Brave Girls Camp)

I just took some Crafty Power Tape by SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES BY 3L and tapes two pages together so that I had a thick page to work on.

I plan on using the journal page to write down what I am feeling at this moment about this topic. I truly believe that being purely who you are and who you were meant to be is a good thing... and we all are guilty of adapting to situations... the goal is to not lose yourself in transition and always remember who you are deep down inside and what it is you want to shine into this world!

Pure.... simple... authentic....

♥ Liz ♥


  1. Love your journaling page Liz! The bright colors are gorgeous. Loved reading your thoughts about being authentic.

  2. It came out so cute Liz! I love all the lace & sequins. :)

  3. I totally feel like this was meant for me today!

    i love you to bits and pieces!!