Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well it is no secret that my heart belongs to my family. As many a mothers, I live and breathe my children and my wonderful husband.

April is always special to us.

Two of my three babies were born in April.

April is also Autism Awareness Month

One of those babies just happens to be on the Autism spectrum.

and I am
SO VERY proud of that.

Meet Sawyer

Sawyer is a bright and witty 5 (almost 6) year old. He loves kindergarten, Play Mobil and Webkin toys and video games. Sawyer was diagnosed at age 2 with Pervasive Developmental Delay (Not other specified) . If you have been with me for a while than you know that this was a very hard time for our family. Sawyer endured daily therapy (early intervention) in our home and eventually went on to receive speech services. in short it was tough. I still remember the stress of that time and how hard it was on our family. But never was there a doubt in my mind that it was not worth it. Looking at Sawyer now, I am so grateful for seizing the opportunities that were offered to us early on. He now thrives and I know that early intervention played a major part in this. I will always remember this time, although tough it brought us to where I feel that Sawyer is given an opportunity to succeed. I will always remember the blessings that our therapists have given us in Sawyer (THANK YOU DANIELLE, ADRIENNE, AND ANDY!). They will forever be a part in our lives and in Sawyers success.

Sawyer is an amazing little guy. He is comical, loving, brilliant (I know I am his mom, but I have to be a little bias ♥) and each day he is growing into the young man that I have prayed for him to be. I love this little boy and I will do what ever it takes to make sure that he grows up to be a blessing unto this world and that he has the opportunity to be a responsible adult. I think that is pretty much what any parent would want for their kiddos.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work along side with Patti Slade our Inventory Specialist over at Tattered Angels to create a special color in honor of Autism Awareness.

I am so excited to have had this opportunity to mesh my crafty passion with a cause that is so dear to my family. If you get a chance, hop on over to the Tattered Angels Education blog to check out the info on our new campaign, "Glimmer of Hope". This philanthropic effort will continue to serve a variety of charities through out the year. We are planning to do a full launch in 2011 but will still try and service a few charities this year, Autism being the first .

For Autism Awareness, we at Tattered Angels will be donating part of the proceed of the sale of this special bottle of Glimmer Mist towards Autism Speaks. So please tell a friend. There are limited bottles, and the color is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I hope you will join me this month in sharing awareness through my story or through our "Glimmer of Hope" Campaign. Sharing this in anyway that you can is doing your part to raise awareness.

Join me the rest of this month as I share more of our journey through "Making the Pieces Fit". It has been a difficult road, but so worth the travel!

Thank you!

~Liz ♥


  1. Liz-this is an amazing, heartfelt idea! Cannot wait to support it!

  2. What a wonderful post - and what an AWESOME idea!

    Kudos to you and Tattered Angels for "giving back."

    Now not only is Glimmer Mist my "Elixir of Life" for my scrapping projects ~ with Tattered Angel's generosity it will help in finding the Elixir for important causes.

    I LOVE the color and will call my Local Scrapbook Store ( Scrap-a-Doodle-Doo in Ramsey, NJ) and place my order and try patiently to await its delivery!

  3. love liz
    a wonderful and great idea. absolute support. We will also buy a bottle once it is available from us. We hope that in the shop by tattered angels abld the new ones are to buy products, then I will buy directly into U.S. at TA online.
    Incidentally, the color "glimmer hope" is wonderful and we like that.

    hopeful greetings

  4. love liz
    a wonderful and great idea. absolute support. We will also buy a bottle once it is available from us.
    Incidentally, the color "glimmer hope" is wonderful and we like that. Hope you and your family are well. god bless you all

    hopeful greetings

  5. my middle son has autism but he has come far and is a joy to us

    great work on the glimmermist fundraiser

  6. This seems to be the perfect combination - tattered Angels with their extremly fantastic glimmer products and doing something Angel-like!! As soon as I find this color I will buy some bottles - that is the best little present for scrappers - isn´t it?!