Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From Shabby to Chic... Making the ordinary FABULOUS.. part 2

So I have to say... I am a little partial to this installment of our blog hop. I always tend to have my "scrapbook" eyes on when ever I go shopping. But $1 stores tend to send my mind racing. For a while I have wanted to do a video sharing some of these ideas and well... I am so glad to FINALLY be able to settle down and share these.

So here are a few ideas that I am sharing today:

Race car wheel flower centers- Who says flowers can't be for boys? With these flower centers, flowers can be totally gender neutral (now I am sure some men would argue this still!) But hey, chances are that you have already been putting flowers on your boy pages anyways, so why not try and legitimize it??? So here is a layout and a card that I made using these fun $1 store race cars.

The inside of this card says:

(and roll)

I though this would make a cute gender neutral card :)

Here is a layout that I created using the same $1 store race car wheels to center some fun shapes. I mirrored this layout after the 60's feeling of the movie "catch me while you can". Since we were at the Planes of Fame museum, I thought it would be fun to give this layout that 60's feel from that movie. I think it was originally the font of the chipboard that made me think on that movie, I know it is but I really do like the way this layout ended up, even with the weird inspiration. Also this picture is kinda not the best. I ran out of good lighting so I will take another pic when I get home from work and have better lighting.

This fun patterned paper is by Far Flung Craft a fun paper line based out of Singapore. Their releases at CHA were some fun Asian and Indian inspired designs.

$1 store elastical headband- With this project I used some scrap pieces of tulle and silky fabric to create this fun head band. This is SOOOOO easy!!!! I took my hot glue gun (had to go out and by an new one, I think this is like my 6th since I keep misplacing them!) and wrapped some glittery Grey tulle around the headband. I then added a rolled silky flower and some aqua tulle for accent and Viola! A fun custom headband!

Here is a video with some up close views of these projects and a little better explanation of each of them:

Non Traditional dollar store finds for crafting

Here are some fun videos that share some fun ideas with using doilies... both paper and crocheted.

Using a crocheted doily as a mask with Glimmer Mist

Using paper doilies to create fun flowers, ruffles and trims

So you can see just why I was so excited to share these fun ideas with you. Make sure to check out Marion's blog as well for her take on our $1 store challenge. And also, make sure to participate too! Join in the fun with our fun techniques and tag us in your picture on Facebook to be entered into a random drawing for a fun prize.

I hope you have enjoyed them and that they help spark a little creativity in your day!



  1. Well, now I know where I am going on my lunch hour!! Thanks for the great tips!! -- And I can SO relate to the missing hot glue guns - I am glad I am not the only one who keeps loosing them.... where do they go??

  2. I think it is great when you find stuff at the dollar store and can make it look like a million dollars instead of the one dollar you spend!! Thanks for the tips!!


  3. I always think is so great when you find something that cost a dollar and one of the many dollar stores out there (dollar general, dollar tree or the family dollar just to name a few) and make it look like a million dollars!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!


  4. Loving that hairband! Hey are you going to be at the SD expo next week?


    p.s. really, you do have the best music on your blog!

  5. Hey Les,

    no we won't be, check out scrapbook and stickers for some GM if you are looking for some. They will be there. How are you?

  6. Love what you did with the wheels, I would have never have thought of that! Its a nice way to boy up the flowers!lol. I love the head band to!! I would love to know how to make those flowers!! lol

  7. I love your card making ideas. Your great in utilizing different materials.