Friday, December 4, 2009

Home for the Holidays...

Well this past week has gone by so quickly! We were able to make it home for Thanksgiving this year. We actually worked out a wicked little scheme with James' father to surprise the rest of his family. It was perfect, at the airport were James' father and sister Katie, whom did not know about our arrival so when we snuck up behind her and said surprised her she began to cry ♥ It made all of us cry! To top it off we drove home and hid behind the car as James' mom came out and were able to surprise her as well. Again, there were tears ♥ how it felt so good to see our family again!

Here we are on our way riding the subway (according to the kids, it is the tram at DIA)

Sweet little guy and his Ninies, never leave home without it!

Our Denver sunset, the camera never does it justice.
James and the kiddos
sweet baby boy...
So here is a picture of the gang on our way into Knott's (AKA snoopy's house) I love the affection between the cousins
Of course a big hug for snoops himself
riding the merry go round...

James with his parents

Being held up by some rascally bandits
"Seriously, do you think you are getting a high five dude? you just tried to steal my milk money!"
flying boy
and a sleepy girl
For Thanksgiving we spent the day with James family, although we didn't take many pictures, I managed to catch a few, this one of our little dancing girl who brought her dance leotard just to dance with James' cousin who is a ballerina.
Of course a girl can only take so much, so she must sleep ☺
James was able to find some time to surf, one of the things he misses the most about leaving California. He took his sister to the beach and she captured these great shots. Here is a beautiful sand dollar.
Here is one of him on his board
and another of him walking back in from a set
And on a very special day, James' cousin took Jackson and James up in his airplane. Isn't it beautiful?
Here is Chris buckling Jackson into the front seat
That sweet face
paying attention on how to take off
holding tight
the view of the Queen Mary
another gorgeous view

We also got to visit a bit with my family, although by that time our camera had died... so I wasn't able to take some good pics :( We will be back in California for the Scrapbook Expo and for CHA in January. I look forward to catch up again with our loved ones.

Now that we are back in the swing of things, I was able to work on our Christmas cards this week. Here is the digital portion (artwork provided by House of 3 word art created with various fonts from these two elements will be on a card that will nest inside of the physical scrapbook card.

Once I get the finals done, I will post a pic. After a few years of either no Christmas card or one of the run of the mill target Christmas prints... I thought it was time to give it the good old homemade try.

Well there is our trip in a nut shell. I have come up with a few ideas for some holiday craft and treat ideas. One that I am really happy about has to do with bacon and chocolate... yup you heard me right... just wait... it rocks!

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see let me know, I can always use the help to organize the many thoughts that are in my mind!

I hope your thanksgiving was full of gratitude and that you were truly given a chance to be blessed.



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