Tuesday, June 23, 2009

By George...I need your HELP!

So... this post is to ask for you help for a summer fun project the Hicks family is doing this summer.

First let me tell you a little story about my husband. One day about two months ago, my husband came home with a dollar bill that had a stamp on it. The stamp (similar to the one below) had the email address, www.wheresgeorge.com . He remembered the site and sat our oldest son down and showed him how people all over the world would track where the money they spent went, literally. This produced an on going "date" every night that my husband came home, our oldest would sit down at the computer with daddy and input the new bills daddy recieved from change throughout the day.

After logging many bills the boys noticed that none of their bills were traveling or being recorded. Now for a grown man, this comes as no surprise, but for a young boy of 7, well he just couldn't understand.
So that brings us to this past week, where me and my oldest got the idea to give Daddy a stamp for (like the one below) for Fathers day. The stamp came early so we decided to give it to Daddy early so that he can use it on the bills immediately. So for Fathers Day, Daddy recieved a foam door hanger from our daughter that said, "WORLDS BEST DADDY", an imprint of our second sons foot with a poem that talks about growing up like Daddy, and a where's george stamp from our oldest son. This made Daddy so happy!

So now as the boys check in their bills each day, the now stamp them with the image below in hopes that some kind person out there will enjoy seeing where their money has gone.

now here is where I need help... I have ten one dollar bills that I would like to send out to ten people in hopes to create a chain of bills that the boys can follow. If you are interested in helping or having your kids be a part of our experiment please email me at primadonnaliz@yahoo.com . I will send out the 10 bills to various locations and try to create a chain that they can follow. I am hoping that at least one of these lines will create a vein to follow. If you would like to create your own where's george account, it is free and a great way to keep the kids using their brains during the summer. The site shows the bills, how the add up and keeps impecable statistics on the where abouts of the bills.

Also if you are interested in getting a stamp, I found them here at Stamp Connection, a wood mount stamp is only $4, so it is a pretty cheap investment.

And for all of you RULES kinda people (I only know this because I fall into this category!) I looked on the site in regards to any violations that may occur by defacing currency and found these links that put my mind at ease.

Where's George FAQ's: http://www.wheresgeorge.com/faq.php

Federal site: http://www.bep.treas.gov/document.cfm/18/104

So if you are interested in helping us out, please let us know. The bills are intended to be spent, so definately spend them, but if you could just please log them in and comment on where you used them.

Thanks for your help!


  1. I'll totally help! My boys are tracking their dollars too. :o)

  2. I had a BLAST @ your class today!! I LOVED it so much! thanks for all the rad techniques, and a great time!!

  3. We would love to help, I should be in your class in duluth, I will let you know after I get confirmation.

  4. Do you still want help with this? It sounds like fun! I remember going to wheresgeorge.com when I was in highschool and being disappointed that my bills weren't tracked anywhere.

  5. How's the tracking, are the guys enjoying? Happy happies. Joyce