Monday, May 11, 2009

Fashionable Independence

So today is a lazy monday which is not good, because a lazy monday cannot follow a lazy weekend. I should get myself up and working on some stuff, getting the house clean and finish up some paper work and such, but I just can't seem to get the lead out. I feel like I am on a perpetual slow motion reel, and everyone around me is on fast foward... I know... I need to get it together. Well today I though I would share a little project that Sedona put together this weekend. She was upset that the step stool was black. Now mind you this was a $2.50 step stool that I picked up at Target so I really didn't see the reason why black was such a bad color. But to a little girl who is in love with Pink, it just wouldn't do. So of course comes daddy to the rescue with his can of spray paint (left over from my crutches, if I didn't mention that J would not be to happy!) So with this small gesture, daddy gave his little girl a whole new world of independence, but fashionably!

Here is the step stool spray painted and then layered with a fine mist of Cherry Blossom Glimmer Mist, when appplied in a fine mist, the glimmer gives the spray paint a beautiful pearlized opal glimmer. So what was once matte, now has a little glimmer to it!

Here are the colors that Sedona picked out for her very own step stool, she loves pink and purple so it just made sense that this is what she would choose.

And of course, her putting it to good use. Now the key is to remind her of the step stool each time she says she can't do something that she really can, but just wants my help for. She has actually really enjoyed her new found independence, and especially loves that it comes with a little glimmery bling too!

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  1. she s so lucky!! i would never have done that for mine.. LOL..