Monday, January 5, 2009

Now that's cool...

A few months ago I was asked By SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES BY 3L (tm) to come up with some projects for them. I absolutely was thrill (jumping up and down, side to side with a little dance) to have fun with their product. Today, I recieved an email From Kerri, with some super cool news. As if designing for them wasn't enough, she wrote up an article using my samples, now that's cool! Here is the article and some of the projects that I created with their Adhesive sheets, Mounting Squares and Craft and Photo Tape, which are my go to items right now (although their new repositional E-Z dots may be joining the group!). If you have tried thier Craft and Photo Tape than you know it is the best in the industry, sticking EVERYTHING to your project. A nice tip is to use the Craft and Photo tape to adhere your loose crystals. What I did was layed out the Craft and Photo Tape and lined my crystals across the tape facing up. I do this when I get my crystals and create a long strip of crystals. I then cut the crystals off as I need them. You can create cute photo corners with these as pictured on the "ME" layout.

On the "WE" mini album, I used by BFF cardboard and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L (tm), Adhesive Sheets. These pretty little things are amazing! For this project I used the adhesive sheet as an art medium to adhere glitter, flock and gold leafing to cardboard adding to my girly grunge craze. I first tore the right hand corners off of the cardboard. I then took the adhesive sheets and applied them with a "loose application" randomly applying the adhesive to the cardboard. After the adhesive is applied, I then added my flock, glitter or leafing to cover the adhesive. The adhesive is so strong that it holds the product to the page with ease. I completed each page with a little stamping, a nice rub from my ink pad giving my project the true grunge effect that I so love.
This is also a new favorite for me with working with acrylic. Adhesive sheets offer a seamless look to attach paper to your acrylic. Just cut the adhesive sheet down to your project size (make sure to keep a peel tab) and peel the protective covering off and adhere it to your paper then peel the second protective sheet off and adhere it to your acrylic. Seriously these rock!
Thanks for sharing in this super cool moment with me, I hope you have enjoyed my little tidbits and techniques. I really hope to be able to do this more this year, Now that I found my video camera (it was missing up until last week) I hope to do more tutorials. Hopefully I can give you visualites a video of what I have done here.


  1. Thanks Liz! It's completely my pleasure to be working with you and your talents are immeasurable!