Monday, October 13, 2008

Pics and editing stuff

From this:
To this:

This was a fun little phot to edit, but it put up a good fight. First off there was caution tape on the left side and the kids were kicking up dust adn the light was catching it causing my pic to be overexposed. The trick to this pic was to add a golden photo filter at the end of editing. Once I got the pic to look decent, I reduced the saturation, and played with the contrast. added a filter or two, and lastly burned the edges. I love it and it totally speaks fall to me.

The winners from my Scrappin' Escapes event

I am such a bum for not posting these earlier :( My weeks seem to get busier and busier and that is good! Here are a few pics from my Scrappin Escapes classes that were so much fun. I made new friends and hung out with some old ones two. Also I got to meet the ladies of the So Cal Scrap MB, I just love them!

Here they are hard at work, painting away their "heaven sent" layouts.

Last scrapper standing

And here is Karen, working hard after all have left her. This was the Album class and ALL the girls did AWESOME on this one, they all had such a different take on it and they made unique masterpieces.

So you can see we had a blast!!! I look forward to seeing them all again real soon!!!

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  1. Great editing....I wish I had some good software and knew how to use it.
    Looks like you've been using up some of those NEW inks! Fun!!!