Sunday, September 14, 2008

International friends...

Please feel free to leave me some info on shipping to your country. I will be doing Intenational RAK's in the future so please don't feel that you can't sign up for the newsletter. I just want to know more about shipping to other countries before I promise anything. So PLEASE help me learn about shipping internationally.

Again here is the link for the contest. If I get enough info regarding international shipping I will do a seperate RAK at the end of the month for my international friends. I just don't want ANYONE to be left out, we all are in this together and I would hate to have anyone feel left out. Especially Since I know just how hard it is for international scrappers to get product. I have a few friends in europe and south africa and am constantly reminded of how very blessed I am to have product available to me. So please everyone help educate me on any international customs and shipping charges!

thanks again and sorry for any misunderstanding, ANYONE can subscribe to my blog. I WILL be doing some international RAK's seperate from the state-side RAK's so that the chances of our international friends winning will be fair.



  1. Yay! I am SO happy about that I can join in :o)

    I signed up for the newsletter too.

    PS I look forward to seeing what you create with all those amazing colours!

  2. You're so sweet! I'm in Ohio, but I have made some friends who are not on this continent!