Monday, September 22, 2008

sneak peeks and glimmer friends~

OK, so with all that has been going on it seriously feels like a whirl-wind of a ride, minutes turn in to day, days turn into weeks, well you get the picture. I have so much to post and not enough brain waves to remember let alone the time to post! Well I am determined to start writing stuff down and being a better, more accurate blogger. A girl can dream, right?

So on to the fun stuff...

Here is a sneak peek of my Techniques with Acrylic class. This is actually a cardboard page (as promised!) that will be included in the class. Altered with paint, glimmer mist, ink, lace and of course the beautiful Prima Products, I guarantee that no two will look alike!

And for your viewing pleasure...

My Glimmer friend Joe from Strictly Scrapbooking emailed me this totally gorgeous and glimmery page he did using Glimmer mist. We talked for like 40 minutes straight on just Glimmer mist, I was so happy to find a local pal who shares my enthusiasm!

So I crammed alot in to this post, well I have had it bottled up for such a long time!!! I also wanted to make sure I was able to showcase everything I wanted to do for this week as I am sure this week I will be busy. So enjoy and let me know if you try Glimmer Glaze!


  1. So very cool!!!! Can't wait to try it...was wondering if it would work myself???? And it does!!!Woohoo!!!!

  2. Great effect! Amazing that YOU discovered this...I hope they paid you handsomely for your input :o)

  3. Thanks for the tip Liz! I love my glossy accents & glimmer mist, so I know I am going to LOVE trying this! :o)

  4. Great technique, Liz! I can't wait to take your classes at the Escape this weekend!!

  5. I have been trying forever to get back my blogger identity so I could post here! I am so sorry it has taken me this long..and I really wanted to thank you for the glimmer mist. I can't even remember if I did or not? I cannot wait to get it and try it out!