Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Forget pimp my ride

This is absoluely Couture travel. When I dislocated my knee, out of pity my dear sweet husband James offered to paint my crutches pink. He knows how much I dislike crutches and just wanted to make it fun for me. Well he did it and of course he didn't stop there, he went into my glimmer mist and misted them to give the a leopardy glow.

I had to join in the fun and Bling'em and lace'em up too so after a little altered scrappin' I now have some totally customed, couture crutches!

We used very berry paint, Pink Bubble Gum and Tattered Rose Glimmer Mist, Prima say it in crystals (black), Fabri-Tac adhesive for an extra bond, and some flocked sheer fabric I had.

After you stop laughing, let me know what you think, James did a good job, didn't he!

thanks James, I love you!!!!




  1. Now I am seriously impressed!!! Your bloke is just SO thoughtful...he must love you a TON! but then again what's not to love~hee!hee!

    The lace on the hand grips is my all time fav!! Have you put them on CK forum yet...I am sure Erin will notice them for round up :o)

  2. That is funny, but very creative at the same time! Love it.

  3. Those are great! You will definately be stylin' with those. What a great hubby.
    LouAnn aka scrapalicious mama-CKMB

  4. Awwwwwwwww... that is sooooo cool! What a thoughtful hubby and that is about the coolest altered item I have ever seen!

  5. very funny. Cutest crutches I've ever seen!

  6. girl, you are so funny. So YOU*! i love it! I hope you don't need them for too long! (hugs)

  7. OMG! Those are waaay tooo awesome! I was laid up for amost a year with both crutches and a cane (torn meniscus) and would have killed for that pair of crutches. I also LOVE pink! What a sweet guy you have! Mine is incredible, but refuses to paint! lol

  8. Those are the best looking crutches I've ever seen!