Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mist-o-logy 101 part 1 of 2

First I must start off by thanking all of you who made it to the chat on Saturday, it was AWESOME!!! We chatted 3 hours straight about Prima, Tattered Angels, scrapbooking, husbands, scrapbooking husbands, and everything else. I have decided to post some of the tips and techniques I shared here on the blog so that they would be available for everyone. Unfortunately the chat widget doesn't archive, so this is the next best thing!

First a few basics with using Glimmer mist:

Shaking- I know this sounds so basic, but it actually helps me ALOT! I found it easiest to shake my bottles side to side rather than up and down. The reason being that when I shook them up and down, excess would gather in the lid and spray nozzle and when I opened it, it would leak all over my hands. I didn't mind it on my hands, but the thought of losing glimmer mist, unthinkable.

Double duty: This idea came to me while I saw all of the glimmer mist that I was wasting while spraying it on a project. I came up with a simple solution of placing tissue paper underneath while I was spraying. I hold it up a bit higher than the tissue paper so that the glimmer mist doesn't saturate the tissue paper but actually just falls lightly on to it. You could also use this technique with a gift bag as well to complete the pair. Anything will work!

Using Glimmer mist as a water color: This is another simple one, but still a good one. Just using Glimmer mist in an artist palette with a watercolor brush broadens the versatility of glimmer mist.
Altering basic items: Using glimmer mist gives you the benefit of altering the color of all of your projects or embellishments to your specific needs. A tip given to me by Trish one of the Tattered Angels DT members was to use white flowers and customize them to your project.You can also use white or pale colored lace or ribbon and alter it to your project. To enhance the color of your colored flowers you can apply similar colored glimmer mist or even a complimentary color to highlight and shadow it. This gives your flower depth and accents the curves of Prima's flowers. And just like you can alter lace, ribbon and flowers, you can do just about anything else, craft paper, white paper, patterned paper, even black card stock looks AMAZING with glimmer mist on it.

Glimmer mist your picture: Print your pic in black and white onto watercolor paper, allow it to dry for a few minutes. and apply glimmer mist with a watercolor paintbrush to you pic sparingly. Use enough so that the color shows but not to much that it will over saturate and smear the pic. I was able to use this pic below which is a nice scenery pic of my daughter picking apples in Oak Glen Ca. I colored the scenery with glimmer mist changing this pic to a dreamy almost fairy-like pic. I left my daughter in black and white so that she would stand out. I really don't recommended using the glimmer mist on portraits, maybe as an accent onto clothing, but not on faces, I tried it on a pic of my daughter and she was very shimmery, so much that it didn't compliment her at all.

Here is the original
Here is the same pic after being glimmerized with glimmer mist

And here is a close up of the trees that are highlighted with a lighter color

Well this post is already becoming lengthy so I will cut it for now and continue in another one. The next post will talk about using glimmer mist with the Build a book album, mixology, masking and anything else I can remember or think up between now and then! For better pics of these projects check out the so cal scrap site gallery.
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  1. That was really cool! You can do some amazing things with glimmer mist! Thanks for showing us!!

  2. Thanks for the awesome tutorial, I sooo want to play with this stuff!!

  3. I love what you did with your DD's picture... Never knew you could do all that with glimmer mist.. thanks for the tuts..


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