Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Who ME????

Guess who is the featured designer over at Fire and Ice?

It's ME!

Yup. little ol' me and I had to type it up myself! The girls asked if I could do it a few weeks ago, and I had been working on two projects for some stores, and well who am I to pass up a couple of minutes in the the hot spot? Read all about it here!

I LOVE this album, it came out great considering I just finished it in the nick of time!

thanks for all the rooting you do for me!

I don't have a whole lot of friends around that have time to scrap, so it is nice to have you all to turn to!



  1. How aweosme!!! Congrats!!!

  2. that album is so gorgeous!!!

  3. YEAH for you!!! It's beautiful :)

  4. You are welcome....

    Great stuff, being featured!! I'm off to go & look now.

  5. I gave you an award, better come check it out on my blog!!!