Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flowers and lace, Prima CHA summer 2008 post 2

New lace and glitter ribbon
I love the new lace and of course the glitter ribbon!!!
The glitter ribbon is similar in texture and if it were a rough velvet, it is very shiny and has the threading of a velvet. The new laces are intricately designed both on the front and on the back, especially nice for clear projects! These will be available by the spool @ your LSS.
Lollipops, Paradise Pedals, and Summer Singles and Flower Frillies
Lollipops, (OOOHHH so cute, one of my favorite flowers for sure!) are available in fabric and in paper and are circles cut out and layered into cute blooms. Paradise Petals are again, layered blooms with a solid color and a pattern. You can mix and match both the Lollipops and the Paradise Petals, they are attached with a single brad so you can customize it. Summer singles are great for altering because they are light in color with a pattern on them,
(ahem.. glimmer mist? LOL!).
Bali Batiks, Cabana, Flower Power and Whispers Bali Batiks are a gorgeous paper lace flowers that give your LO a delicate feel. Whispers are organza flowers that have a matte flocked flower on them giving you a gorgeous translucent flower. Cabana flowers are amazing for layering, they come with a brad and you can pic and choose what bloom to add, building your own custom flower, shape...size ...and color!
So much new stuff, I can barely post enough of it in one post, but good old blogger reminds me by stopping me every time I want to post more pics in one thread!!! Also, on the bottom pic in the bottom left hand corner you can see my Lo of sweet Sedona using makes me happy PP. After I am done posting pics of the booth, I will post my projects from CHA.
hope you love the new flowers as much as I do!!!


  1. Love the new stuff! Can't wait to see your layouts.






  2. awesome awesome awesome!
    I am thrilled and proud for you!

  3. OMG! I am so excited! I have always loved Prima, but it just gets better & better! :o)