Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another MISTifying creation!


white flowers dyed with glimmer mist

(thanks to trish for this trick!)

This LO is for my husband. We met in March of 2001 and that Easter he took me to his church for Easter services, and I was blown away. The service was a performance of the pursecution of Christ. It hit me hard. I sat there next to him just crying. I knew at that point that this man had faith, and he held it strong and dear to his heart. From that moment forward I was drawn like a magnet to Cottonwood Christian Center . I never knew just how much I needed a relationship with Christ until I met James and he shared his love for God with me. It only took me a few months to dedicate my life to Christ but from that moment on Easter as I kissed him on our way home, I knew he was for me and I for him. So this pic was taken 7 years later, Easter service with 3 kids in the background in the same parking lot with the same love behind it. I thank him for making my life full and showing me just how rich and beautiful a life in Christ can be.

So with this, I hope you find yourself scrapping about you and that someone, whether it be a child, your mate, your mother, father any one special to you. Create a story of US for that special person and record it so that everyone can know your story. If you do take on this challenge, email me @ and I will try and post your creations. I do hope you find the time to join in since it is the essence of why we scrap, to let someone know just how we feel about them and in reality we need to make it on a page or two once in a while too!!!

thanks for peeking, I am going to go and get a tissue now! I know I am such a wimp!



  1. gorgeous gorgeous, lovely and amazing! thank you so much for finally posting a project. I love your style and your story is also a tear jerker! I love the flowers, very unique and beautiful!!!

  2. Those flowers are glittery and gorgeous! Love your story.

  3. Those flowers are beautiful!!! You really have a talent.

  4. Great layout, Thanks for sharing your faith, and your husbands faith!

  5. Liz what a moving testimony of your love story....& your L.O is 10 outta 10. It is so beautiful!!

  6. What a great photo of the 2 of you!!! Beautiful layout!

  7. awesome layout and such a great testimony to what is important in a relationship. I love your work. I haven't been by to visit in a while. I've missed some really great stuff.