Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Custom Crystals...

A while back I was having issues with Prima only making select colored crystals. Well I decided to get creative, and being the resourceful mama that I am I busted out the fun stuff and came up with these.

Yup, It was that simple... sharpies and clear crystals and Voila! You have custom crystals. I haven't used alcohol inks (but you know I thought of it!LOL!) but my sweet bud Trish mentioned it works fabulously!! And I must add, that I just did a quick color right on top of the crystal.

You will also notice on the card that I that I ventured into custom flowers too! Take a black and white Prima and some watercolor pencils and again, Voila! You have a one of a kind masterpiece. This flower came from the twilight tin, but I have used the artful collage flowers too. Oh and I do need to mention that the artful collage flowers look AMAZING with glimmer mist. My favorite guilty pleasure. I should also thank Trish for creating my new found addiction to these wonderful gems.

So here is to seeing what kinda custom things you come up with! Keep me posted~




  1. Love it!! What a great idea!!

  2. very cute girleee~ :) I have used copic markers on my gems before... :)

  3. super cute liz!! Great idea!!

  4. Great idea to use the sharpies....I must try it sometime.

  5. great idea! off to find some sharpies

  6. great idea! off to find some sharpies

    how are you doing girl?