Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Well, although it seems that I have neglected my blog, I guess life has just consumed my time. we started T-ball this month and my life has been CONSUMED with it! I inherited the role of team mom, which by the way I am learning as I go since I have never done anything like this before!!! But it needed to be done and seriously, how hard can it be? As everyone that reads this laughs, I am sure that it can't be as bad as I have heard. I have enjoyed watching the games and practices, I have not enjoyed chasing my other two little ones around the field like a frantic lunatic. I am convinced that they are magnetically connected to the field and must interrupt every existing practice!

Well, no new projects yet. I have my papers from CHA, but am waiting for my new product which I am hoping will show up soon. So until then, I will leave my scrap area in complete disarray. something I am sure to regret but I think I really need the motivation to clean it up. Every other time I get up the energy and walk out there, I end up discouraged and walk right back out and eat chocolate.

I hope March has been great to you, tomorrow we will claim our Irish heritage (well we will borrow it, I am totally hispanic) and indulge in a Costco corned beef roast. I am drooling just thinking of it!!!

Enjoy tomorrow and wear green!!!



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  2. hmmm...smartphone seems a bit "phony" hee hee hee...anyway...way to go team mom!!! happy st. patrick's day!!!

  3. Ooops....we were talking about wearing green and totally forgot.

    Yeah, all those PHONE or RING tone things are advertisements... SO annoying!

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  5. hey girlie. it was good to talk to you yesterday... if only for a bit.

    have fun being the team mom. i'm sure you'll be great. i have no idea if it's tough or not... so i'm just going to pretend it'll be a breeze!

    love ya!

  6. Just popped in to say hello! Life is busy these days for all of us I think.
    Tell me you guys didn't eat green pancakes too???? LOL!


  7. I wanted to stop by to say HI!! I hope you are able to be creative soon :)