Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday I found myself full of emotion. Overwhelmed once again but this time with the everday normal stuff. And for these days I am thankful. The normal days as stressful as they may be, I longed for them as I spent each morning preparing for the juggling of Sawyer's therapy and Jackson's Preschool. I stil remember the chaos that I called life just hoping for a normal day to take a break and breathe. Well now that those are here, I promise to always remember them as a blessing regardless of what each day may bring. Things have been a little crazy here as some of you may know. Although the reality of life may try and tear down my joy, Nothing can take away my miracles and keep me from being an overcomer.

This LO, caught me by surprise. I walked into our kitchen and found my daughter lining up lotion bottles. Something that I would have feared (as a sign of Autism) before but now find comfort in as just a normal childhood behavior. Just before fear was ready to grip me, I remembered that I am past that. But I couldn't pass up this opportunity to record my thoughts.

Fear No More


I never would have thought that lotion lined up would bring me to tears.Although the days of worrying about Autism in our house have passes. I still cannot forget the wonderous miracle of what we have overcome.I am no longer a prisoner of fear, but yet a casualty of hope.


  1. What a touching layout, very personal. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful layout to really help you KNOW that you are over your fear of Autism. Thanks for sharing!!

    CKMB 4 Ever!

  3. That is a beautiful and poignant layout. I really like the perspective on the photo, too!

  4. hey liz, checking in from paradise... I think of you and your family often... my jalen loves mario...

  5. Goodness, very moving & very real! Lovely L.O!


  6. This is beautiful Liz!! Love the colors and the way the flower and the pp work to bring your eye straight to the center! Its gorgeous! Hugs, Friend! :)

  7. Great LO, Liz. The journaling is beautiful. TFS :)

  8. Hey Liz!
    Love the LO!

    Did you know that Technique Tuesday has a new blog? Their link is on my blog. I'm to lazy to find it and cut and paste it. Actually, go check out my blog and see why I'm tired.

    Oh yes, I saw a news report that said music is very helpful with Autism. I'm sure you already new this, but I wanted to pass it along just in case!

  9. liz, I love your blog! Since I look so often, I thought tagging you would be fun, so I can find out more about you. Check out my blog for details!

  10. Hi! I just wanted to let you know about and invite you to an online crop that I'm hosting on another board! The info is on my blog! I hope you'll join us. It's a smaller message board, but everyone over there is great.

    Take care, Julie

  11. Love the page! It's so beautiful and real. Love those kind of layouts! :)

  12. great LO!! awesome job! I tagged you, check out my blog for details!