Thursday, December 20, 2007

because I am so blessed...

I have had some fun this past week tweeking my blog and jazzing it up and realized I still had alot to add to it (friends, sites, and passions). I have been trying to find the right links to add for Autism and felt these would best represent it.

Autism Speaks was the first place that I found and realized that my child was on the spectrum. Granted many had told me before but It didn't penetrate until I read it there.

I found this site helpful to detect early signs of autism. The child they described resembled Sawyer almost perfectly.

As I look for sites to add I notice so many negative sites against prayer and faith and curing Autism. Well my son has been cured and it was all due to faith and prayer.

First off I think the use of the word "cured" is subject to opinion. It is up to the parent to decide at which point they feel their child is cured. I am the only one that spends every day in and out with my son, and I know him thoroughly. This being said, having been apart of what Sawyer was two years ago and what he is now I would have to say he is cured of Autism. He is bright, social, comical, responsive and a typical three and a half year old boy. He is still a little quirky but he is self sufficient. My ultimate responsibility as a parent is to never give up on raising my child to be a blessing to this world and not a burden. he will be just that.

We were proactive with his therapy and always faithful that he would break through. We started out with a two year old that wouldn't talk, wouldn't point, and would just cry. He couldn't even tell us if he wanted water to drink. He knew he did but he would just cry. After going through the Merry-Go-Round of what do you wants, we would eventually figure what he needed. his speech was severely delayed and caused a global delay and began to effect other areas.

It was a tough struggle but with the support of our friends, family, and therapists we are standing stronger than ever. So I am here now to tell you that prayer and faith work. It is very difficult for anyone to offer parents in our situation anything more than prayer and well wishes, because it is such a huge unknown. Every prayer, every word that came out of our loved ones mouths soaked our hearts with hope and encouragement. After all this was our battle to face, we just needed cheerleaders there to rally for us, and they did.

So although he still attends speech thereapy once a week, he does attend a regular pre-school, the same one that Jackson went to which was our hearts desire. And although I will tell him often just how much af an amazing miraacle he is, he will never truly know how much, words just cannot describe it.

Thank you to everyone for an amazing year, and most of all a blessed one. I wish all of you the same and more in 2008!

Here is a pic of Saywer now, three and a half and clever enough to push a chair up to to counter, climb up to the top shelf and sit down and eat cookies. Yup, he's cured.



  1. Liz you are such an awesome person! :)

  2. "My ultimate responsibility as a parent is to never give up on raising my child to be a blessing to this world and not a burden."

    That is so well said, Liz. It is true of everyone regardless of their children's abilities. I'm in awe of you and all parents who embrace life's challenges.

    Have a great Christmas!

  3. LIZ you are awesome. and how beautiful is that boy right there? OFF the CHARTS beautiful. love it!

  4. Looks like we are all of the same opinion.You are an example to many by your unwavering faith.
    Happy/Ridiculously blessed 2008 to you too!

  5. Beautifully written! You have an amazing faith. Merry Christmas!