Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bed Blogs

My DH (the phantom of the scrap world) has just made it so much easier for me to blog, scrap, etc. He bought a wireless router and hooked it up so now I can do my computer things just about anywhere (within a 400 foot radius).

So I decided to test the range and sure enough it works in bed! The only problem is that the sound of the key strokes is waking him up!


  1. we LOVE wireless routing! it so rocks!

    i just keep it out of the bedroom.

  2. Go DH....he understands the need to be connected, any time anywhere......what a guy! Now all he needs to do is get used to ear plugs. Do you think he'll oblige??? Hahaha somehow I don't think so. Worth a try tho'.

  3. well, let me just add that I was highly medicated when MY DH (yes that is correct)wrote this entry. HE was so proud of himslef for hooking up our wireless that he had to tell someone so he wrote it here!I was in bed with back problems and out for the night. he is so funny! now that I read it I can't believe I said go ahead and post it! anyhow, horay for him!

  4. Sigh, I wish my DH was computerly-inclined. Unfortunately, in our relationship, that skill (small that it is) is mine. I bought a wireless router from my little brother. I'm gonna have to get it hooked up now!!!