Monday, August 6, 2007

Why Melegs makes me laugh...

because she calls me scrapbooker of the century! James called me this once and I posted it here, but the CKMB REALLY makes me feel like the scrapbooker of the century with all of their support! just read your blog Ericka and you are way to nice! everyone check out her blog and have tissue handy as it is sure to make you laugh!

I am adding you to my CKMB buds!

check her out she is a riot!

thanks for the laugh!

hey Ali, do you feel like a fabulously awesome celebrity?

My word is still fabulous, with a dash of awesome here and there!



  1.! hehehe
    Maybe if I had a tiara and someone that cooked my meals for me! Wouldn't that be nice!

    Your leprechaun answer almost made me spew water all over my computer!! Loved the unicorn part!

  2. You guys are my famous friends, so you should feel like celebrities!! I'm just the paparazzi that reports on you!



  3. seriously I wish you could see how non fabulous my life really is, and honestly that is where I like it! I am a stay at home mom who scraps to keep from pulling my hair out and tries to squeeze a shower in whenever I can.