Wednesday, August 1, 2007

SOY Done!!!

Well yesterday the calls went out. I got a call.. from the direct tv lady! She didn't realize that today was the day, so I can't blame her!

I am really hoping and praying for my friend though! I think she could go far with her talent. I am so happy that God gave me her to chat with and bounce ideas with throughout this process.

So what I have learned...

It is all about timing!

Never lose hope!

My time to shine will come!

I have fun with what I do and if there is a kicker of compliments here or there well that suits me just fine!

James still calls me Scrapbooker if the Century, so if he thinks I can do it than why not? God put a passion in my life to be a good wife, and warm mother and to scrap all of our memories. All glory goes to him for giving me my passion.

Here are two of my new projects from my portfolio.



  1. Liz, your work is amazing! Maybe next year will be your year. I love how you your sense of layering. Very well done. I look forward to seeing the rest of your layouts!

  2. we'll get them next time, very cute pages :)

  3. I love the Wicked LO! Great job Liz even if you didn't get the call this year. Gives you another year to make even cooler LO's that will blow their socks off next year. :-)


  4. Still think "A year of you" is my fav....but I love 'em all! HOF watch out - here comes Liz!!!! :)

  5. Love Love the Wicked L.O. It is really outstanding. The Year of You L.O. is adorable. Slow down, girl--save some embellies for the rest of us!!!