Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Not to shabby!

here are two more! Another new one (Sedona) and an oldie but goodie (timeless).
So do you all ever get any late night visits from JFM? Or is it just me??? The first Lo here is one I did of my daughter the same day I took the pics. I got the inspiration at 1 am and stayed up late just to finish it. as stated earlier... I have yet a LO to do that doesn't scream acrylic paint to me. so as you can see demonstrated here on these just how much I love it. Making Memories makes a killing off of me!!!
always laugh little one, always be happy for you are the lords treasure!
once again i look back at these and get so excited as to where my style is headed!!!!
thanks for checking them out!


  1. I recognize those blue eyes!!! ;D

    And, wow, just wow on the other one!!!


  2. Both those pages are beautiful!!!!

  3. I love the Sedona LO! It is breath-taking. You have to enter that into a contest. What's JFM?

    Take care, Julie

  4. JFM is the name of our notoriously fickle friend, Justin F. Mojo. Kim named him after she had finished a LO that was sitting on her table for weeks. it is jsut our funny little naem for mojo. we pretend pass him around the board.

  5. I am loving usign acrylic paints too although my projects don't come up looking as nice always. I love that first lo of sedona- wow is all I can say.

    FYI- Aunt Bree = scrappinmomma on the Rauch Report blog.

  6. Shabby/Modern...a new catagory within a catagory! The ideas can happen just about anytime! Dinner has sometimes been forgotten/late because I got an idea and couldn't STOP until it was done(hubby comes in the door with me standing there with some kind of craft tool in one hand or another)! Tx's Liz, for being YOU. Joyce