Monday, August 13, 2007

Dilema to the SLR degree...

What to do...

I am in search of a new camera and trying to figure out what the best deal is. I am torn between the Nikon D80 and D40x. Both I have found in packages but for about $300 price difference.


Any solutions????


  1. No solution here. I'm in the same dilema...I've got reasons to like both but do I want to spend more when I would probably be just as happy with the cheaper option?
    I hope you get some good answers and then you better pass them along to me!!!

  2. No help with choosing between the two but, check out for some cool packages. That's where I got my Rebel.


  3. I will no help since we are in the same boat. DH is leaning towards the D80. He just doesn't like the
    Good luck!

    You have been tagged! Tips From Nicole tagged me. I think I am gonna do it for my first LO about me using this.

    SO come see my blog for the info.

  4. first off, I have been tagged twice and have no clue what to do. erica, glad you mentioned I was at their site and loving the price but just wasn't sure of the site itself.


    off to see what to do~

  5. I have the older D50 and I love it - I would maybe say the D40 then use the extra money for a lens upgrade. Didn't think I would need to do that for a while, but after using the kit lens for a month or so I was ready to upgrade. Good luck :)

  6. Liz,
    I have the directions for the tag on my blog. It gives you all the info you need. Tagging is fun and is a way to get to know each other better. Hope you get a chance to do it.